Think Outside

What participants have to say…

We learned how to communicate with each other, how to be friends. We can do more when we support each other.”

Participant, Santa Cruz

We learned how to talk to and get along with people we normally don’t talk to. We learned how to sleep out of a tent and how to take care of the ecosystem.”

Participant, Pinnacles National Monument

Today I thought about my sister to help me face these challenges. She’s always been there for me and believed in me. I don’t get to see her anymore because she’s in the Army now, but I know that she would be really proud of me if she could see what I did today.


I’m most proud of myself for jumping off the Leap of Faith. I didn’t think I could do it, but everyone cheered me on and so I realized I could face my fear.

Participant, Challenge Course

I’m glad I did it. I learned that if you let your fear stop you, you might miss out on something good.


I appreciate the wilderness so much more and realize that we’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves!


Thanks for the life changing experience… This made me think differently about my life!


My school experience with Boojum changed my life! I have more confidence, learned new skills, and enjoy school even more.


A School Tradition

The Chandler School, an almost 40-year client of Boojum, has this to say about their annual Boojum trips:

  • They are a rite of passage, a chance to grow closer and bond as a class in a non-school environment. Outdoor education adventures are not only a part of the Chandler School curriculum, they help students disconnect from their electronic devices, become more self-reliant and interact in a collaborative way towards a common goal.

    Chandler School

What teachers have to say…

Boojum instructor did a fantastic job delivering the program. Instructor was kind and patient with all concerns.

Chaperone, Santa Cruz

The scrambling, rock climbing, and hiking were awesome. Lots of challenging activities for the kids, pushing themselves and activities where they had to think out of the box.

Chaperone, Joshua Tree National Park

Our kids loved the professor hike, astronomy lesson, night hike, and all the experiential learning that included physical activity. Students also loved the caves and rock climbing.

Chaperone, Pinnacles National Monument

Our instructor was a terrific naturalist. The Boojum staff are consistently wonderful.

Chaperone, Pinnacles National Monument

Our Boojum instructor gave each student the assurance that she cares about their lives and what’s meaningful to them.

Chaperone, Pinnacles National Monument

Our Boojum instructor was very knowledgeable about flora/fauna and history. The kids really learned a lot from him and loved him. One of the best Instructors I have ever worked with.

Chaperone, Pinnacles National Monument

Our Course Director was outstanding! A proactive, progressive leader to the entire group (instructors, chaperones and students). Excellent communicator.

Chaperone, Joshua Tree National Park

Unplugging the students from their computers for a week in the wilderness gets them in touch with an elemental reality. They become reflective. They also cook for themselves, purify their water gathered from streams and lakes, use maps to navigate through mountainous terrain and carry everything they need on their backs. They push against their comfort zones… A week in the wilderness is a good starting point.

Head of School

The Boojum Institute has brought a new and much needed new dimension to our college preparatory academic program. The team building aspects of the trip begin our academic year with a sense of cohesiveness and class cooperation.


The Boojum Institute’s program is a powerful and awesome experience that many of our students said was the best experience of their life!


What parents have to say…

  • I am so very happy to report that my daughter who was supposed to go to Yosemite and…you know the rest….came home today with nothing but great stories and a super positive vibe from her experience. I can NEVER thank you enough for that. I’m so proud of her and she thinks your crew was fabulous. As you know, I have gone on over 30 OE trips with Country Day and run both our 6th and 8th grade trips. To hear my own child come home so grateful for her experience speaks VOLUMES to me. Please give my regards to your crew. Nothing matters more to me than my children.

  • Thank you for letting our students make mistakes and face consequences- they need that type of learning experience.

    Parent Chaperone
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