Think Outside

Schools and Youth Organizations

Whether you choose residential dorms, tent camping at a base camp, or an expedition-style adventure, we can design a program that fits your group’s needs. If traveling is a constraint, we can design a program that utilizes nearby green spaces such as a court-yard, ball field, or nearby park. Nature can be explored anywhere.


Leadership and Team Programs

Boojum can design a program to bring your group together and help foster leadership and group development. Instructors use games, puzzles, and creative problem-solving activities to enhance group development, leadership, and personal growth. Our programs assist in individual and group development, with a particular focus on commitment, involvement, leadership, self-confidence, support, and ownership of actions – all of which are vital elements of an effective team.


Challenge Course Facility

Our challenge course is located at the Idyllwild Pines Camp in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains in Idyllwild – close to all of Southern California – and consists of a comprehensive set of ground initiatives and both low and high “elements”. The low elements provide a level of challenge that is close to the ground and are generally protected by spotting provided by the group. High elements involve initiatives that are 30-45 feet off the ground on cables and ropes. Whether climbing high into the trees, belaying each other with ropes, shouting encouragement to their peers as they fly down a zip line, or helping each other across a high traverse initiative, all participants are part of our high ropes/challenge course experience.


Fostering Environmental Stewardship

Introducing students to the natural world in a way that inspires a meaningful connection with the wilderness is necessary if we are to nurture a generation of environmental stewards. Boojum programs encourage an understanding and appreciation of ecology and natural history, teach outdoor skills, and provide participants with an enjoyable and memorable experience.


CA State Education Standards

Nationally accredited by the Association of Experiential Education (AEE), we make it a priority that our programs align with the State education standards so that we can support your curriculum goals. California adopted a K-12 environmental education curriculum as part of its Education and the Environment Initiative – the nation’s first. Having focused our history on developing student environmental literacy, education, and stewardship, Boojum’s programs are aligned to accomplish these newly adopted curriculum standards.


Science Emphasis

Our science-focused programs are designed to meet California State education standards including Education and the Environment Initiative curriculum. Experientially engaging each student, we encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills challenging learners to grow into active citizens and conscious stewards of the land that nourishes us all. Boojum’s staff team will work closely with you to determine specific goals for the program and to create a course that complements your mission, academic curriculum, and goals for student development.

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