Land Acknowledgement

We Acknowledge…

We acknowledge that the land on which we currently program includes the ancestral homes and unceded territory of the Yuhaviatam/ Maarenga’yam, Newe Segobia, Ɂívil̃uwenetem Meytémak, Me-Wuk, Nuwuvi, Yokuts, Chukchansi, Chumash, Amah Mutsun and Costanoan people, commonly referred to as Serrano, Western Shoshone, Cahuilla, Coast Miwok, Southern Paiute, Pueblos, Southern Sierra Miwok, Chumash, Barbareño Chumash, Popeloutchom, Ohlone, and Chalon people. This land was stolen by Spanish, Mexican, and then American profiteers through acts of forced servitude, genocide, and deceit.

As a land-based business, we acknowledge that we benefit from the ongoing system of settler colonialism, which includes the genocide waged against these people and the theft of their land.

This acknowledgement is an essential, yet small, element of a much larger attempt towards cooperatively building a world where right relationship is possible.

We constantly ask ourselves: “What does it mean to use and be successful from stolen land? How do we achieve right relationship to this land and its people?”

We feel it is our duty as a guest to this land to listen to Native voices, in the spirit of building continued accountable relationships.

tobiLand Acknowledgement