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Join the Boojum Board of Directors

When you were a kid, did you ever go to camp as part of a school trip? That’s what a Boojum trip is like. Outdoor Adventures by Boojum is a nonprofit that helps people learn more about themselves, each other and the environment. It’s an outdoor school with hiking, rock climbing, high-ropes courses, and other fun yet challenging interactive programs for children and adults. Outdoor Adventures by Boojum is a great way to have hands-on learning experiences in nature. Being a board member is a big responsibility. It takes time and dedication; It is not a job for everyone.

At Outdoor Adventures by Boojum, Board of Directors is not a line on a resume, it is a personal commitment, a commitment to give kids a chance to foster positive peer relationship, self-confidence and environmental stewardship.

We know things get tough sometime, especially with your busy schedule. But with every little mind we inspire, every little heart we touch, every smile we put on a child’s face… we see the promising future happening right before our eyes. We see the differences we have made right here in our own community. No empty promises, no remote operations, and no politics. Our task ultimately becomes our reward:

We are making the future happen, one child at a time, thousands of children every year, and we think you may be perfect for this.

Boojum is looking for dedicated, engaged board members that are excited about making a difference. In addition to enthusiasm and engagement we are also looking for board members with the following specific skills:

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Robert “Dale” Machen
Chairman of the Board

Sarah Long
Vice Chairman of the Board

Steve Mathis
Treasurer of the Board

Allyson Trantum
Board Member

Felicia Woodson
Board Member

Allan ZabeckiBoard of Directors