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Leadership and Team Programs

Outdoor Adventures by Boojum will design a program to bring your group together and help foster leadership and group development. Instructors use games, puzzles, and creative problem-solving activities to enhance group development, leadership, and personal growth. Our programs assist in individual and group development, with a particular focus on commitment, involvement, leadership, self-confidence, support, and ownership of actions – all of which are vital elements of an effective team. Regardless of academic major, students with well-developed leadership often skills stand apart from applicants when entering into the workforce.


Mobile Team Initiative Course

Let us come to you! In addition to our challenge course facility, Outdoor Adventures by Boojum offers a mobile low-team challenge course that we can bring to your campus or facility. Our Mobile Team Initiative Course consists of over a dozen skill and problem-solving elements. This Mobile Course can facilitate small to large groups, both indoors or out.


Orientation Programs

Outdoor Adventures by Boojum has been providing custom-designed first-year orientation programs for colleges and universities for decades. These programs are a great way for students and staff to bond, develop support networks, and to have a great time! The goals of an orientation program may be to:

  • Meet other incoming students and form solid friendships
  • Engage in a fun, physically challenging outdoor experience
  • Foster personal growth, increase confidence, and bolster self-esteem
  • Increase appreciation for the environment and environmental stewardship
  • Set goals for the school year
  • Have fun!
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