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We fundamentally believe that Boojum programs are special because they change lives, institutions and communities. We do this by reaching students in meaningful ways, fostering positive peer relationships, building self-confidence and teaching environmental stewardship by connecting individuals with nature and each other through a shared hands-on experience in the out-of-doors.

Boojum’s mission is simple and powerful: “To unlock potential, promote self-discovery, and inspire growth.” The Boojum experience is also profound: through personal and group challenges, students learn about themselves, each other, and what it takes to work together. Boojum’s dynamic education programs have powerful, proven results, where participants develop an understanding of teamwork, explore environmental issues, develop critical thinking and communication skills, and build leadership and self confidence. Our commitment is to improve behavior, increase knowledge and build the leadership capacities of young people…and to create better environmental citizens in the process.

Since our founding in 1975, over 100,000 individuals have successfully participated in Boojum’s acclaimed programs. The quality and safety of Boojum programs, led by our highly trained staff, has resulted in our being one of few organizations in the country accredited by the international Association for Experiential Education.

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