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Welcome to Outdoor Adventures by Boojum

Dear Parents, Administrators and Students: We are delighted that you are considering a Boojum Institute program. Here are a few key reasons why the Boojum Experience is so special.

  • The Institute is nationally accredited by the Association of Experiential Education (AEE). Our programs are thoroughly and rigorously audited by external peer reviewers for program quality and safety. We are one of only fourteen wilderness/adventure programs in the nation to earn this distinction.
  • All of the Institute’s programs are custom designed to meet your educational outcomes. Our staff of professional educators, will work with you hand-in-hand to craft a powerful educational experience for your students.
  • We are not bound by the borders of a camp or facility. We operate in dozens of carefully selected locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. If traveling is a constraint, we can come to you and deliver our traveling educational programs and mobile team initiatives at your facility or a local park.

You will find that the Boojum Experience is transformative – one that students and staff will cherish for years to come. It would be our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with your group this year.

Boojum provides a comprehensive variety of experiential learning programs in California and the American Southwest’s most spectacular natural areas. Boojum’s often life changing programs foster personal growth, environmental citizenship, teamwork and leadership development through facilitated outdoor and adventure experiences.

Some of our most popular programs are:

  • Team-building and high ropes Challenge Courses in Idyllwild and other locations
  • Backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, Big Sur/Ventana Wilderness, and the Santa Cruz, San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains
  • Rock-climbing and backpacking in Joshua Tree National Park
  • Backpacking, base-camping and climbing in Yosemite National Park
  • Flat water expeditionary canoeing on the lower Colorado River and Lake Mead
  • Hiking, rock-climbing and camping in Pinnacles National Monument
  • Sea kayaking in Channel Islands National Park, Monterey Bay and Point Reyes National Seashore
  • Residential camp programs across California and the Southwest

The program planning process begins with extensive consultation and needs assessment as all of Boojum’s programs are custom-designed to meet the educational outcomes of our partners. We work with you hand-in-hand to craft a real-life learning experience that complements your educational needs. Our gifted instructors then deliver the program-specific curriculum for your human development, adventure and environmental education goals.

Boojum’s dynamic educational programs have powerful results. Through personal and group challenges, students learn about themselves, each other, and what it takes to work together. They develop an understanding of teamwork, and explore environmental issues. Participants develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, and self confidence.

Research shows that programs like Boojum that use the environment as an integrating context lead to:

  • increased academic performance and test scores
  • increased school graduation rates
  • improved engagement in science and school work
  • improved civility and citizenship behavior

In addition, participants learn valuable team-building and social skills, and develop confidence in themselves. Outdoor Adventures by Boojum provides a fun, dynamic learning environment where people learn—from nature, themselves, and each other—about the natural world and their own capabilities. Many participants say that their outdoor experience with Outdoor Adventures by Boojum was a highlight of their entire educational experience, and our programs offer both learning experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Allan ZabeckiFor Parents