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Open Enrollment Adventures

Need a fun and educational activity for children and adolescents during summer and school breaks? Boojum has the solution for you!

Palms to Pines: Outdoor Adventures by Boojum’s Summer Adventures

Encourage your child to gain confidence and leadership skills this summer with a safe and fun adventure in the San Jacinto Wilderness. Participants will start their journey at the base of San Jacinto Peak in Palm Springs, CA. From there, they will take a ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to begin their backpacking and rock climbing activities. The group will spend three days hiking and rock climbing in the beautiful pine forests of the San Jacinto Wilderness, spending the night at different campsites each night. One of the spectacular highlights of the trip is the summit hike to the 10,880 ft. peak of San Jacinto Mountain. On the last day, participants will hike into the town of Idyllwild to celebrate the completion of their journey. Throughout the program, group members will hone their outdoor skills to navigate, set up camp, and prepare meals, all the while learning about the ecology of the mountain ecosystem. This experience is an adventure in learning and a journey toward a broader understanding of self, peer relationships, and our natural world.

Program Dates: To be determined. This program is not currently running.

Cost: Prices coming soon.

Ages: 14+

For questions or enrollment, please email or call 951-763-4102.

Outdoor Adventures by Boojum Geo Caching Program

Geo-caching is an outdoor recreational treasure hunting game. Participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) devise to hide and seek containers, called “geo-caches” or “caches.” While involved in this exciting activity participant are gaining knowledge in latitude and longitude measurement through technology and its importance when reading directions on a map.


Boojum Institute Science and Education Activities

Our science focused programs are designed to meet California State Education Standards, including the newly adopted Education and the Environment Initiative curriculum as well as aligning with the newly published Framework for K-12 Science Education. Experientially engaging each student, we encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills challenging learners to grow into active citizens and conscious stewards of the land that nourishes humans and all living species. Boojum’s staff team will work closely with you to determine specific goals for your program and to create a course that complements your mission, academic curriculum and goals for student development.


Outdoor Adventures by Boojum STEM High Challenge/Rope Course Program

Outdoor Adventures by Boojum Challenge Course Program uses ground initiative activities such as games, puzzles and creative problem solving tasks as well as high ropes elements to provide development in STEM subjects, as well as leadership skills, teamwork skills and personal growth for participants. The Challenge Course Program will increase student learning in science and mathematics classes. Students will be able to experience what they’ve been taught about concepts such as force, pulleys, angles, geology and forest ecology in a manner that helps them to better understand these subjects. This program also assists in the development of individual and group skills in the areas of commitment, involvement, leadership, self confidence, support and ownership of actions, all of which are important elements of an effective lab group. The Challenge Course Program facilitates discovery and exploration in a supportive and open environment while teams experiment with science and math, problem solving strategies and learn from both success and failure. Students collect data gathered while participating in each activity, to analyze when they are back in the classroom.


Summer Fun Camp

Summer Fun Camp, an experience of a lifetime! Come join the Outdoor Adventures by Boojum in collaboration with the City of Palm Springs as we offer the best one week summer camp in the area. Camp weeks are designed with age appropriate activities that are fun, impactful, and educational. A special field trip is planned for Wednesday; campers will visit and explore Whitewater Canyon Preserve. On other days campers will experience the thrill of climbing the Boojum Pinnacle Climbing Wall, the excitement of playing group games, the adventure of hiking in a wilderness area, the cool fun of Knott’s Soak City, the joy of cooking a healthy meal, and more. Join us this summer for endless fun and adventure!

Dates and ages: (choose one week only)
Dates To Be Determined

Start time: 9:00am

End time: 3:00pm

Cost: Prices To Be Determined, campers bring own lunch and snack; except for Thursday (the campers will prepare their own lunch and healthy snack).

School Break Programs for Palm Springs Youth

Need a fun and educational activity for your youth during school breaks? Boojum has the solution for you! The Outdoor Adventures by Boojum for Experiential Education has partnered with the City of Palm Springs, The Wildlands Conservancy, and the California Regional Environmental Education Community to create the perfect outdoorBoojum’s Pinnacle Wall Climber education experience for your youth.

Programs will be offered on select Saturdays in December and during winter, spring, and summer breaks. Youth will participate in hands on activities that will increase their environmental awareness so that they may become responsible stewards of their local natural world and empowered, active young citizens. Other activities will include the Boojum Pinnacle Climbing Wall, map and compass scavenger hunts, team building and leadership development, hiking and camping at Whitewater Preserve, and more!

The camp is located at DeMuth Community Center in Palm Springs with some scheduled trips to Whitewater Canyon Preserve, only ten miles away.

Youth can sign up at the DeMuth Community Center up to one week prior to the program.

Call Boojum if you have any questions at 951-76-4102 ex. 225

Spring Break Explorers Camp

Theme: Five day open enrollment program with a one night overnight camping trip to Whitewater Preserve

Dates: Dates To Be Determined

Ages: 10-14 years old

Campers sign up in advance for three days of open enrollment camp with the option to add on a two day, one night camping experience.

Activities include rock climbing wall, team building games, crafts, environmental activities, trip planning, hiking, Healthy Choices Cooking, and overnight camping trip.

Start time: 9:00am

End time: 3:00pm

Campers bring their own lunch, snacks are provided for day camp. All food is provided on overnight camping trip from lunch on first day to lunch on last day.

Location: Demuth Park and Whitewater Canyon Preserve

Cost: Prices To Be Determined, campers bring own lunch and snack Monday through Wednesday. All food is provided on overnight camping trip from lunch on Thursday to afternoon snack on Friday.

April Adventure Camp

One day, open enrollment camp

Dates: Saturday, TBA Climb and Play

Saturday, TBA Honey Bee and World Health

Ages: 6-12 years old

Campers sign up in advance for a one day program.

Activities include rock wall, team building games, crafts, and environmental activities.

Start time: 9:00am

End time: 3:00pm

Campers bring their own lunch, snacks are provided.

Location: Demuth Park, Palm Springs

Cost: TBA per person per day, campers bring own lunch and snack.

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