Think Outside

Boojum in a Box

Boojum’s programming now comes to you with two new activities that can be shipped straight to your door.


Backyard Exploration Kit

Recommended for grades 1-4

The Backyard Exploration Kit helps elementary-age children independently engage their curiosity about nature. The kit comes with binoculars, bug net, magnifying glass, compass, and more. Perhaps most importantly, we have included a simple nature journal with prompts to get kids excited about using their senses to observe and sketch the natural elements in their back yards, neighborhoods, and local parks.


Upcycled Crafts Kit

Recommended for grades 5+ (depending on the craft)

As Boojum and other outdoor companies run rock climbing and ropes course programs year after year, we go through a lot of rope. Once we can’t use a rope for climbing anymore, we might cut it up to use in our teambuilding games or for projects around the warehouse. Even after that, we just have so much sitting around that it is likely soon thrown out, destined to sit in a landfill for years. Since there are so many cool things you can make with rope, we thought we would share those project instructions with crafty kids looking to make unique and useful items while also being conscious of their environmental impact. You can choose to make a rope rug, dog leash, dog toy, drink holder, or keychain. Each Upcycled Crafts Kit comes with all the rope and other supplies you’ll use to make the craft plus a detailed instruction sheet.

Since some of the more complicated crafts may require sewing, cutting, or using a lighter, we recommend adult supervision for these aspects of the projects.

Allan ZabeckiBoojum in a Box